Classrooms and More




In our infant program, we offer a home away from home which includes a loving, caring, and nurturing environment. An infant’s first year of experience is crucial to development. We give your infant lots of individual attention and interaction to promote basic cognitive and social skills. Our primary concerns are the infant's health, safety, and security. We play with them, cuddle them, sing and rock with them just as you would at home. We emphasize developing a warm and stable relationship with each baby into practice to support development throughout this vital stage. Our goal is to give your infant a premium start in their growth and development.



During this wonderful age of discovery, the children are full of curiosity, unlimited physical energy, and taking the first step in their quest for independence which merge together to provide a unique stage in the physical and emotional development of your child. Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that increase their cognitive, language, motor and social skills. They practice the importance of sharing and cooperating through group play and turn ideas into words and phrases to better express themselves. In our Toddler room your child finds an environment in which art and music are used to develop creativity and learning appreciation, as we try to satisfy their curiosity toward the world around them using colors, shapes, and familiar objects.

The program emphasizes social and language skills helping your child gain confidence in their abilities. We also provide consistency, praise, and positive reinforcement.  It is important for children to express themselves creatively; we encourage your child to develop their unique skills and interests through play.

It’s a new world for toddlers as they begin to walk, talk and develop friendships.



Preschoolers are curious about the world around them. They are busy exploring their environment and learning to communicate their thoughts. While they begin to exercise their independence, they are also gaining a better understanding of group play. Our caring teachers keep small hands busy and young minds engaged through activities designed specifically for this age group, by focusing on both education fundamentals and social skills. Our experienced teachers provide an outlet for creative expression, your child will build skills and confidence through games, songs, movement and art. By encouraging child-directed play, we ensure that your child develops at his or her own pace. Sharing, cooperating and taking turns teaches your child the importance of being a team player.

The world opens up in new ways for preschooler's as they improve their coordination, learn complex games, and begin to interact more with their friends. Your preschooler will learn by doing strengthen his or her cognitive skills with plenty of hands-on activities. Our curriculum is structured into theme-based units that encourage children to develop their skills and confidence. Each unit integrates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development.

Kindergarten Prep


Middlebrook Playschool is proud of our Kindergarten Readiness Program for children the year before they qualify for Kindergarten. The Kindergarten Readiness Program includes time with a certified teacher using the hands on curriculum from "Handwriting without Tears," the "Get Set for School" curriculum, that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 4-5. This program has been very successful the last few years and we are happy to announce we are expanding the program. This program includes instruction on foundational academic concepts such as reading, writing, and mathematics, theme based art projects, center-based play, and outside time.

After School


Our teachers provide an after-school learning experience to keep your school-ager motivated and focused in a fun and stimulating environment, even after their school day ends. They spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to their interests. We provide time and help for homework, playground time to run off energy and activities to build confidence, self esteem, character and social skills. Our teachers provide daily communication with parents to keep you informed about your child’s day.

We currently pick up from Karns, Ball Camp, Amherst, Cedar Bluff, and West Hills Elementary.

Over the summer, we offer full-day care for the rate of $150.00 a week and the cost of their field trip shirt. This includes all field trips and special activities. MPS will provide breakfast every morning from 7:30 - 8:00, lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, and snack every day the children are at MPS. Your child will need to bring in a sack lunch on Tuesday, and Thursday for their field trips.

Extracurricular Activities

MPS is happy to offer several extracurricular activities during the week. 

Fun Time Gymnastics Bus is a unique and innovative way to teach gymnastics and basic motor skills to preschoolers. The cost of the program is $40 per month or $105 quarterly and a $15 one-time registration fee. You can register at MPS or call Eric or Karen at (865) 567-1117.

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. A nine-week session cost is $100.00 and you can register online at or call Sarah Kerr at (865) 310-4159.


Music-n-Motion is to educate, enrich and empower children, using music as our tool to teach, learn and retain facts. The cost is $30 a month with a one-time $10 registration fee and you can register online at, email or call Kelli at (888) 338-6268 or

Twinkle Toes teaches dance fundamentals while incorporating activities that will help improve your child’s balance, concentration, collaboration, and more in a gleeful, spirited environment. The cost is $34 per month and you can register online at

Swim Lessons are hosted at MPS through-out the summer. This program is based on Red Cross six-level Learn-to-Swim program, including training in basic water safety and stroke development. There are two swim sessions each for four weeks and we meet two days a week. The cost is $45 per session and you can sign up at MPS.